Advantage Health was born from the need to clarify companies to change the culture in the subject Medicine and Safety, not only to follow the law, but also improve the quality of life in the workplaces.


In the current reality, cost reduction becomes mandatory with decreased absenteeism index. With the perception that their employer cares about their health and well being, motivated employee produces more and better.


Assessing the individual needs of each company , we provide consulting on elaboration of the “PPRA”, “LTCAT”, “PCMSO”, “ASO”, with advice on the implementation of “PCMSO” which contains the occupational tests (pre-employment , periodic, dismissal , return to work and change of function ) and additional tests, when indicated.

We also work with Health Promotion, Wellness Programs targeting the Quality of Life in workplace

Through our partnerships, we can offer services in a wide accredited network throughout the national territory. Our slogan is : "To work in Team and Grow Together!" .

We operate throughout the national territory. 

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Values

Our Beliefs of Management


Occupational Management

Management of Medical Ambulatories

Case Management

Health Promotion,Wellness Programs and Quality of Life in workplace



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